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June 7, 2023, 5:30 pm-7:30 pm


Join professionals from all over JP, West Rox, and Roslindale. This is where connections are made and opportunities abound! If you’re looking for a networking event that will leave you feeling energized and inspired, don’t miss our upcoming gathering! Join us for an evening of connecting with like-minded business and real estate professionals. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your network, exchange ideas and explore new opportunities. Our event will feature interactive activities designed to encourage meaningful conversations and connections. Join Boston Realtors, Investors, Builders, Developers, Wholesalers, Flippers, Property Managers, Financial Planners, Entrepreneurs, Book Keepers, Business Strategists, Innovators, Insurance Brokers, Contractors, Attorneys, Lenders, Coaches and Mentors. Be you new to your industry or a seasoned pro, making connections is crucial to thrive in any kind of business. Why not meet like-minded individuals who can help you level up your career, with a beverage in hand, delicious food, and an entrepreneurial atmosphere in the heart of JP?