April 19, 2023, 12:00 pm-2:00 pm


You know you should be putting your money to work for you! Do you know you that real estate investing is the one sure-fire proven strategy for developing generational wealth and reaching your financial goals? If you know this, you know you should be involved in real estate, but life is busy! Who has the time?!?Here is what you may not know. You can invest passively in real estate and get double-digit returns on your money withLITTLE TIME and LITTLE EFFORT!The Columbia Passive Income Network (CPIN) is a group of business and real estate investors in Columbia who come together to share knowledge and resources to achieve financial independence through passive income streams. They may share information on investment opportunities, strategies for building passive income, and best practices for managing rental properties or other income-generating assets. They may also provide support and networking opportunities for members to help them achieve their financial goals.This group is all about investment strategies (primarily real estate) and passive income. We’re offering not only the tools, opportunities and steps to obtain but also the knowledge to learn and teach it!